February 2017: Launch of HYDRO_BOT


20 May 2014: Presentation at ELKIN conference in Gent, Belgium.

Abstract can be viewed here.

7-9 November 2012: IFAI

Prof Marie O'Mahony presented Osmotex at IFAI Expo Amercas 2012 in Boston.

15.9.-14.10.2012: Magic Materials

Osmotex membrane technology displayed at Magic Materials exhibition at Science Gallery, Trinity College in Dublin. The exibition is arranged with support form the nanotech group at Trinity College. Science Gallery's mission is to create interest and awarness of the sciences to a younger public (target group 16-25 years). The Magic Materials exhibitions contains selected technologies to show "the cutting edge of materials sciences".


August 2012: Dolomite becomes distributor

Global microfluidics company Dolomite start distributing Osmotex' Micropump. Dolomite ( has further developed a re-usable plug-and-play holder for Osmotex standard pump cores, making it easy to connect it with Dolomite's range of user friendly MF equipment and other devices.


July 2011: Osmotex published article 

in scientific journal Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.


2010: Osmotex micropumps presented in The Pearls of Switzerland magazine.

See 2010 issue p. 135


September 2009: Article published in the Electrophoresis scientific journal

Osmotex and its research partners published the scientific article "Micropump based on electroosmosis of the second kind" (abstract) in the international journal Electrophoresis.


September 2009: Article in the Innovation journal

about Osmotex micropumps in the Swiss magazine on industrial innovation (download PDF article)


February 2009: Article in Handelszeitung

Read the article about Osmotex in the Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung  4.-10. February2009.


November 2008: Article in Obwaldner Zeitung

Read the article about Osmotex in the Swiss newspaper Obwaldner Zeitung on 19. November 2008.


November 2008: Article in microNews (Switzerland)

Presentation of Osmotex in the November 2008 issue of the Swiss magazine microNews.


July 2008: Company founded.