advanced micropumps by osmotex
Image: Osmotex pump in package

Osmotex offers technology, solutions and IP within electrokinetic movement of liquids in capillaries and porous bodies. The company was founded in July 2008 and was until August 2016 located together with R&D partner CSEM ( in Central Switzerland.

Osmotex’ two main technologies are both based on advanced research in electrokinetics. The micropump technology is suitable for a wide range of laboratory and microfluidics applications, including lab-on-chip products such as diagnostics, drug delivery and micro fuel cells. Standard products are offered (see Distributors) as well as customized solutions.

Osmotex’active humidity transporting membranes are capable of removing up to hundreds of litres of water per square meter and hour, and works without any ventilation. Target applications include clothing (sports, work, protective etc), storage, buildings, seat comfort, medical and wound care etc. Osmotex currently works with industry partners to develop applications in the different fields.


For textile fabrics, plese see the webpage of HYDRO_BOT.